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Rules for Clip Use

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Finding the right Clip


The most asked question: Why are most of your Clips from only two studios?

🅰️ The short answer: Universal/DreamWorks Animation are the only studios willing to provide this much content for prices clubs and organizations can afford.

If you have a really big budget, here are your alternatives:

  • $10,000 will get you up to one minute of clips from one film title at Fox;
  • $6,500 will get you one clip up to one minute from Warner Brothers;
  • A minimum $10,000 will get you up to two minutes of clips from two film titles at Paramount, Sony and MGM;
  • Disney will not license clips for any price to sports venues for in-game use. If you have ever seen a non-promotional Disney movie clip in a sporting event, it is most likely a very risky infringement;
  • Don't forget identifying, clearing and paying all talent (if they agree), and fees to guilds.

Simply put, if risk-free access to multiple Clips is important to your engagement initiatives, there is really only one option in the marketplace for under $10,000.

How can a clips package from over 300 Universal & DreamWorks Animation titles cost less than one clip from other studios? That doesn't make sense.

🅰️ The other studios' business philosophy is to make a lot of money on a few very big licensing deals, and say "no" to everything else. That takes a small staff.

Universal/DreamWorks Animation are the only studios that embrace licensees with smaller budgets and audiences, and that adds up for them. And, so long as Rightsline GameDay manages all those points of contact, that takes a small staff.

As a result, Universal and DWA have opened their library to Rightsline GameDay on very liberal usage terms.

When do new titles become available?

🅰️ Once a movie is released for purchase on home video it is available for licensing. We strive to get clearances in place and Clips selected to coincide with the home video release date.

We also dig into the catalog for gems that we missed the first time around in existing Titles.

Check out Future Releases

Is your collection mostly new or older titles?

🅰️ We add Clips from all newly-released titles that are appropriate for sports settings, and we rarely purge titles from previous years. So, over time there are a lot of "deeper catalog" titles in addition to everything new or recent.

Our partners release about 10-15 new titles a year that are appropriate for games.

Much of our library is stuffed with audience favorites with instantly recognizable moments or stars embedded in our cultural DNA. Our most requested Clips come from iconic titles like Back to the Future, Field of Dreams, Blues Brothers, Happy Gilmore, Big Lebowski, etc. etc.

Then there are the Left Field Titles: Often less-known or corny with weird, quirky, juxtapositionally hilarious moments and stars. Lots of gems there worth exploring. Just look at what the Tennessee Titans cleverly did with the silly "King Kong Escapes".

How do I use Samplers?

🅰️ Samplers are a great way to dive into specific Themes and get ideas from micro-moments that could work for your objective. In addition:

  • We are refreshing our Samplers to show the Title and Clip timecode, so your researchers can easily identify and download clips from the Sampler that they like.
  • For organizations with limited time, we are making our Samplers available for download, ready to use in your games as-is, or after you've edited them. Let us know if you want us to prioritize any Sampler for your upcoming games.

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